Taxes on a Lawsuit Settlement

Winning a lawsuit is a wonderful feeling, and most people assume that the settlement money is theirs to keep. Unfortunately, some lawsuit settlements are ...

A Dunkin Donuts Lawsuit Continues

In May 2010, a Pennsylvania woman named Priya Marsala filed a lawsuit against Dunkin' Donuts. She claimed that the company's employees had failed to clean and ...

Bladder Sling Lawsuit

A bladder sling lawsuit is typically filed against a medical device company for design, manufacturing, or marketing defects. Whether the product was not ...

Types of Prescription Drug Lawsuits

There are several different types of prescription drug lawsuits. A product liability claim may be made if the medication was defectively made or not labeled ...

Tips For Filing a Civil Rights Lawsuit

Filing a civil rights lawsuit is a common practice. The federal government can use the 1983 act to enforce certain rights of Americans. A plaintiff must show ...

Tips to Finding the Best Men’s Bath Wraps

Are you interested in learning how to choose the best men's bath wraps? This can be an important step when looking for something that is both comfortable and ...

Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases can be very challenging, and finding a good lawyer can make the difference between receiving a settlement that makes you whole again or ...

How To Choose The Best Men’s Bomber Jackets For Your Style

If you're looking for a great jacket that can offer protection, you've probably heard of bomber jackets. But what are they, and what should you be looking for ...

Finding the Best Men’s Down Jackets for Outdoor Activities

So you want to know how to select a good men's down jacket? It is a challenge for most men, who are always looking for the best options available in the ...

Finding the Best Men’s Gaiters

Choosing the best men's gaiters for sale can be a bit of a daunting process. There are so many options and it's hard to know which gaiters will be right for ...

Class Action Lawsuit Against the DNC Filed by Bernie Sanders Supporters

The DNC has been the target of a class-action lawsuit by Bernie Sanders supporters since 2016. The class action, which cites evidence of collusion between the ...

Gospel For Asia Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The proposed $170 million Gospel for Asia class action lawsuit is a result of allegations that the organization defrauded Canadian donors by misrepresenting ...

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