Trial Lawyer’s College Faculty Member Discusses Rodney King

Milton Grimes, a Trial Lawyer’s College faculty member and a great friend of Terry Lenamon, is doing a free session on the Rodney King case. This session is free, but registration is required. To attend, register online. This article is not intended to be legal advice or a review of the case. It is meant as a brief introduction to the case and to educate the general public on the case.

Milton Grimes

The lawsuit between Milton Grimes and Rodney King was filed a week after the alleged attack on the former King. The lawsuit alleges that King made defamatory statements and used his power as a police officer to seize King’s purse. King denied these allegations and allowed police to search his car. The city was ordered to pay Grimes $456,000 in legal fees, but King did not comment on the matter on Saturday.

Terry White

The trial of Terry White was one of the most widely publicized cases of all time, and it has spawned many lawsuits against police departments. While the beating of Mr. King sparked protests and protesters worldwide, many of the same issues and concerns were present at the trial, and the resulting trial has heightened the stakes in the case. But the trial itself will be the defining test of Mr. White’s trial.

Deputy District Attorney White

Deputy District Attorney White for the defense will be trying to prove that Officer Powell acted in self-defense when he struck Rodney King in the head. He argued that a videotape showed Powell deliberately hitting King and lying 26 times. But this defense attorney is trying to find a way to discredit King’s testimony. King has repeatedly made conflicting statements about the beating, and his erratic behavior could be a factor in his dismissal.

Dr. Thomas Gionis

Attorneys for both defendants have been compared to the Wild West when it comes to their zany behavior. In a recent lawsuit, Dr. Thomas Gionis’ attorney claims he “brought his client to his knees with threats and abuse.” The defense has a long history of getting their clients the justice they deserve, but Gionis has had trouble with his past clients.

Billy Idol’s song Shock to the System

The song “Shock to the System” was written by Billy Idol and was released as the second single from his fifth studio album, Cyberpunk, in 1992. The song achieved top-40 status in six countries but did not make the Billboard Hot 100. The song has become one of Billy Idol’s most popular and best-selling singles.

Terry White’s argument

The prosecutor used his final rebuttal argument to single out Officer Laurence Powell. During this, White snatched a finger from the suspect and claimed that Powell was heard laughing about beating King and mocking him in the hospital emergency room. But Powell’s lawyer objected to this. The prosecutor said he was not under the influence of PCP when he hit King.

Case of Floyd v. City of Los Angeles

The Center for Constitutional Rights, through the attorneys in Floyd v. City of Los Angeles, filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the NYPD for using “stop and frisk” without reasonable suspicion. In a class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking equitable relief, such as an injunction against the use of stop and frisk to detain people. This case is significant because it represents thousands of Latinos who have been stopped and frisked by the New York Police Department.

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