Nutribullet Blade Problems Lawsuit

The Nutribullet Pro 900 was recently the subject of a lawsuit for NutriBullet Blade Problems. According to the article, the blades cracked during a durability test, resulting in second-degree burns. The article claims that the safety feature effectively cuts off power to the device. However, that’s not the whole story. The Nutribullet does have an on/off switch.

Nutribullet Pro 900 blades cracked during durability test

The NutriBullet Pro 900 blender recently failed a Consumer Reports durability test. The test involves crushing seven ice cubes with the blender, and in two separate units, the blades cracked. However, Consumer Reports did not report any injuries caused by the broken blades. It did note that the product was designed to be used right out of the container. This is a concern for consumers, since this means the blender can cause a spill or injury.

In addition to this flaw, the durability test results showed that the Nutribullet Pro 900 had two different blade assemblies. The first one used a milling blade, while the second used an extractor blade. The Pro 900 features an extractor blade instead of a separate milling blade. In addition to the durability test, Nutribullet has improved its blade assembly. To ensure the blades are properly fitted, don’t overfill the cup and check the blade base.

Another flaw of the Nutribullet Pro 900 was that the blades did not crush ice without any liquid. The manual also warns against crushing ice in the blender. Crushing ice without any liquid or ingredients may damage the motor base and containers. This is not a good sign for the durability of Nutribullet blenders. So, how do we avoid this issue?

Nutribullet explosions caused second-degree burns

Some consumers are filing lawsuits against NutriBullet after receiving second-degree burns after blending hot liquids. However, NutriBullet officials argue that any injuries are the result of customer misuse and that the company’s instructions don’t make it difficult to avoid burning yourself. Moreover, the product’s manual warns consumers to avoid blending hot liquids and does not recommend using it unattended. Nevertheless, NutriBullet manufacturers advise consumers to follow basic safety procedures and to never exceed the one-minute blending time. Further, the company offers an app that lets customers follow breaking news, like FOX 11 News.

According to the lawsuits, NutriBullet explosions have occurred several times since the device was introduced in 2007. However, most of these accidents were accidental and the devices’ manufacturers have not issued a formal recall, which is why they are facing the backlash. The company is also investigating the causes of the incidents, which are related to the device’s misuse. However, the company has yet to issue a product recall.

The product was also linked to incidents where the device exploded, sending hot liquids across the room. The NutriBullet explosions caused second-degree burns in two people, one of whom was injured while making a mango sauce. The heat created within the blender caused the blades to separate. Therefore, it is crucial for NutriBullet owners to stop using the device and contact the manufacturer to ensure that the problem has been resolved.

Nutribullet safety feature effectively cuts off power to the device

The Nutribullet is equipped with a safety feature that automatically cuts off power if the unit reaches a certain temperature. If this temperature is exceeded, the device will shut off, and the power base will automatically turn off. However, this is only a temporary solution and voids the warranty. In addition, damaged parts can emit smoke and void the warranty. If you do happen to damage the device, do not use it for any longer than required.

The safety feature effectively cuts off power to the device if the machine is turned off accidentally. This safety feature can be turned on and off in a moment’s notice. If it is disabled by accident, the device is equipped with a safety button, which automatically cuts off power to the device. This switch is placed in the top of the Nutribullet, and if it is disabled, the device will turn off power.

The Nutribullet’s blade is made of steel, and can cause injury when it comes into contact with hard substances. It is not recommended to use it for hard ingredients like grains or coffee beans. These ingredients may cause damage to the motor. To avoid this, use a special blade that was specifically designed for hard ingredients. The Nutribullet manual warns against using the ice crusher, and not to blend ingredients for more than 60 seconds. Furthermore, the manual states that using the Nutribullet for more than 60 seconds can lead to smoke and other potentially harmful situations.

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