Why You Should Avoid Dollar General Lawsuit Financing

You should know that a Dollar General lawsuit is basically an out of court settlement. This means that the defendant pays the plaintiff in order to settle the case outside of court. It is a common practice among many defendants and lawyers. There are many reasons why defendants opt to settle their cases without going to trial. The following are some of the most popular reasons:

It’s faster: Choosing to go through with a settlement is much faster than having a trial. You don’t have to take the time to hire a lawyer, you don’t have to go to trial, and you don’t even have to take the time to attend a deposition. When these things happen you need to spend a lot of your resources and time in preparing for the case. A settlement can eliminate all of that effort and expense.

There are no witnesses: When a case goes to trial there are usually several witnesses who give statements, and often they contradict each other. If there is only one witness who can correctly give you the accurate version of the story, it can be difficult for the defense and judge to contradict each other. With a settlement you don’t have those issues, because there are no witnesses to depose.

Your lawyer gets paid! While attorneys get paid for work they do, most only see their fees when their client goes to court. Some lawyers will accept a percentage of the settlement if they win the case. For most lawyers this is how their compensation is calculated. If you’ve gone to court and lost, your lawyer may be entitled to nothing at all. Even if they win, they only end up collecting about ten or twenty percent of the entire award, which isn’t very much considering what a successful lawyer can cost you.

You don’t lose anything: Another reason most people choose to skip going to court is the fear of losing money. You can pay your lawyer to fight your case, and most will get a percentage of the settlement if they win. However if you lose, you’ll still have your case to prove. Many times a judge will make his/her decision based on what’s in the evidence. So even if your lawyer does win the case, he/she doesn’t get the whole amount of money.

Lawsuit financing can be helpful in many cases, but is not the best option. Remember to do your research before choosing any particular lawyer. If you have a dollar store, do some shopping to see who offers the best deals on filing a lawsuit. If you’re just looking to file a dollar store lawsuit, a good lawyer could help you get the settlement you deserve! You don’t need a lawsuit financing company to win your lawsuit!

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