What Does Michael Christine Say on Twitter?

Michael Christine, better known as ‘Tatted Lawyer,’ is a Miami-based attorney who is also one of the Nation’s Top 40 Under 40 Black Attorneys. His passion for music and the law has been channeled into his career, as he is a co-founder of the OutKast NFT Collection. This article will look at some of the things Michael Christine says on Twitter.

OutKast NFT Project with Tatted Lawyer

‘Tatted Lawyer’ Michael Christine, the founder of the OutKast NFT Project, is a Miami-based attorney. He was recognized as one of the Nation’s Top 40 under 40 Black Attorneys. Not only does he practice law, but he also created the OutKast NFT Collection. Listen to this podcast to learn more. We also talk about the intersection of cryptocurrency and decentralization.

The Outkast NFT Collection includes more than 4,000 unique NFT works of art. The collection sold out in 44 minutes upon public launch. The team behind the project has partnered with professional athletes, from Matt Barkley to AJ Dillon. Their partnerships with NFL players, such as Myron Jones and AJ Dillon, are a great example of their philanthropic vision. Athletes like Erica Wheeler, of the Los Angeles Sparks, also have gotten involved.

The Outkast NFT project with Tatted Lawyer will debut its line of products, allowing fans to proudly display their NFT Artwork. As digital and physical assets merge, the Outkast project will be at the forefront of this evolution. You’ll be able to own a piece of history when you wear your NFT on clothing. You’ll be able to collect more than just Outkast Shards.

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