Update on the Mirena Lawsuit

The Mirena lawsuit is one of the most publicized and viewed cases in recent years. A searchable online database of all laws, people, corporations, and other legal entities involved in reproductive and sexual health and gender issues in the United States. Recently, Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals has been facing hundreds of legal lawsuits over claims that their birth control pill, Mirena, resulted in serious side effects for those who took it. This article will focus on the Mirena lawsuit update as well as another lawsuit regarding the same birth control drug, Actonel.

According to Mirena lawsuit update attorney, Shauna Doyle, of Philadelphia, “Bayer is now attempting to get away with what are clearly intentional mischaracterizations of the facts of this case.” Ms. Doyle went on to state, “Bayer is attempting to have this case dismissed on claims of undue pressure and harassment from plaintiffs’ lawyers. The company is also trying to use the threat of a class action suit as a means of keeping plaintiffs away from the merits of their case.” In seeking compensation for their injuries, the lawyers for the plaintiffs in this case feel that they have a case against the company named as defendants, Merck & Co., a part of the Medicine Inc. company.

Mirena lawsuit update attorney, Doyle also goes over some of the previous events in this case, which can be considered alarming. According to Ms. Doyle, there was one instance when a member of the management of Merck, John W. Whitacre, Jr., decided to change the composition of the birth control pill, mirena pills. This act was said to be in an effort to improve the company’s profits by increasing the turnover rate of employees to Merck. Doyle also claims that this same man, after being instructed by the company’s counsel to change the composition of the pill, made an attempt to introduce it into the blood stream of another employee. This employee was said to suffer an outbreak of hemorrhagic strokes brought about by the tainted mirena pills.

Also according to the lawsuit, a number of workers who were using this wonderful new piece of medical device suffered from painful injuries and other life-threatening conditions such as clots, deep vein thrombosis, and breast cancer. Other workers were injured due to the device’s defective design. Some of these injuries and conditions include permanent disabilities, permanent hearing loss, permanent blindness, spontaneous hemorrhage, heart attack, lung bleeding, sudden and multiple angina, heart failure, and other serious medical conditions.

One aspect of this Mirena lawsuit update has to do with the United States’ mandatory warning rule. Mirena states that their Condom recall was first issued on August 8th, 2021. The warnings given to patients were to be effective immediately, and could only be removed once the device had been returned to its rightful place in a woman’s body. As you can imagine, these requirements put a lot of burden on the manufacturing firm, and resulted in a very expensive mistake.

Another significant issue involves Mirena’s failure to warn the general public about the dangers of their contraceptive device. Mirena was required by the FDA to submit a labeling statement to that effect, but failed to submit one, which would have been a definite necessity if they had known that their contraceptive device posed such grave dangers. This is yet another case in which a large corporation made a huge mistake, and paid the price for their greed. Hopefully, this lawsuit will allow others the same opportunity that was afforded to this manufacturer.

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