PEX Class Action Lawsuit

The current Plumbex lawsuit resolved a Class Action Lawsuit, also known as n Re: Plumb-O-Lan Inc., F1800 Plumbings Inc. and Engineered Plumbex Products LLC v. defendant State Trades Commission of Texas. This suit was filed in November, 2021. A previous complaint was filed against the company, regarding dangerous lead paint. The complaint named the manufacturer, defendants, and retailers and distributors.

The Class Action lawsuit claims damages for injury and property damage. It is also known as a top class action suit because it allows broad claims in a state-wide court instead of being processed within a local court in the specific county the defendant resides in. The claims processor assigned to the case is authorized by the state to submit a settlement offer and is required to advise the plaintiffs of their rights and any defenses they may have. If the complaint is not dismissed, an action will be filed in state court. If the complaint is dismissed, the plaintiff will be allowed to retain counsel to represent them at trial, but the defendant will not be required to enter into any settlement agreement or take any corrective action.

An insurance provider insured the plumb-pex class action lawsuit contains anyone who owns residential real property containing a plumbing system. The plumbing system in question could be a water heater, septic tank, bathtub drain, toilet, or a private septic system. In a previous article titled “Plumbing System Trades – What is a Plumbing Class Action Lawsuit?” I discussed a few additional factors, this complaint is based on.

If the plumb-pex class action lawsuit includes anyone who owns residential property containing a water heater, the complaint is called a plumb-pex complaint. If the property is unoccupied, the complaint is considered a premise-less claim, and all plaintiffs must prove the unoccupied condition is the result of negligent maintenance. Therefore, anyone who owns property containing a water heater can file a claim with this class action lawsuit. If an insurance provider insures the plumb-pex class action lawsuit, the complaint must contain information that identifies the provider.

One of the most common parts of a plumb-pex class action lawsuit involves injuries due to water heater leaks. Many individuals reside in property with leaky pipes; however, many homeowners do not know how to locate and properly repair the fittings that contribute to the leaky plumbing system. It takes years for homeowners to become familiar with the various types of pipe fittings including copper piping and brass pipe fittings. Therefore, the members of the plumber’s class are usually extremely knowledgeable about how these fittings work, and they have the knowledge and resources necessary to help their fellow plumbers.

Class action lawyers are usually involved in water leak lawsuits involving defective copper or brass water pipes and fixtures. They can also assist with cases that involve faulty or dangerous silicone caulking. Some of the other common fittings that are used in the water heating industry include aquapex fittings, which can be found in both new and old homes. The lawsuit process can be time consuming and confusing for someone without adequate legal knowledge, so it is critical to have a plumber with extensive experience working with the aquapex fittings.

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