Cruise Phone Call Lawsuit

One of the most popular cruise lines in operation today is Carnival Cruise Line. Among their itineraries are some of the most exotic and wonderful locations in the world. However, they also have encountered legal problems, many of which are related to their cruise phone policies and their lawsuit reimbursements. For example, they were sued by the parents of a young boy who was killed on their cruise ship from a drug overdose. This nightmare has led to Carnival Cruise Lines having to close their cruise line with many areas in Europe, Latin America and Asia because of their lack of cruise phone policies that protect their passengers.

It appears that these lawsuits are being brought on the basis of breach of contract and wrongful death. In other words, that the family of the young boy did not agree to be subjected to medication on their vacation and so, they filed a lawsuit. But, Carnival Cruise Lines apparently decided that this particular case was not one that they would have to litigate on, so they declined to go forward with defending the man’s family against the medical malpractice lawsuit.

Also recently, another class action suit has been brought against them for their policies regarding their cruises involving vacationing at one of their hotels in the Palm Beach County, Florida area. The plaintiffs in this suit claimed that Carnival Cruise Lines did not properly inform them that there would be a policy requirement that they obtain a doctor’s recommendation in order to be able to enjoy their vacations on their cruise. They further claimed that this policy was designed to force travelers to submit to frequent medication checks at the various hotels where they would be staying during their trips. This seems to be a gross invasion of privacy, but this is the reality that seems to prevail in this situation.

At the center of this nightmare is a young family that had planned to take a short vacation on the Costa Cruises from Florida to Puerto Rico. They were excited about seeing the little girl in the picture on their Facebook page, along with her father. The lawsuit asserts that this little girl has been severely injured as a result of a lack of care by the hotel’s staff and a failure by the cruise line to provide her with the adequate care and attention that would have been provided by a doctor at the Best Western Hampton Beach Resort and Spa.

The lawsuit states that the young woman’s father was admitted to the hospital after he suffered a stroke at the hands of one of the staff members. The legal documents further allege that the cruise liner did not provide adequate security to the plaintiff’s daughter while she was receiving treatment at the Holiday Inn on the Beach, which is located on Coast Road E-4. An employee of the Best Western Hampton Beach Resort and Spa knew that there was a doctor on duty at the time, but failed to report this information to any of the guests or relatives. This resulted in the harm being placed upon the young woman who had been scheduled for a routine dental checkup at the Holiday Inn. She later suffered permanent brain damage as a result of this incident.

Her father suffered additional injuries after he was once again denied prompt medical attention. After a lengthy legal battle, the lawsuit was ultimately resolved in favor of the cruise liner. According to legal documents, the cruise liner now pays the medical bills of the young woman and her father, as well as other persons. This case is being handled exclusively by African American attorney Larry D. White, III.

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