Child Abuse Lawsuit: Pennsylvania Grand Juries Selecting Abuse Cases

Many victims of child abuse feel very alone and often fear going to the police with their story. They may be put on the spot and asked to say all they know about what happened when they were abused.

But speaking out can help victims get the justice they deserve and can lead to child abuse lawsuit against the responsible party. Some victims of child abuse may even be too ashamed or frightened to talk about what happened to them. This is why it is important to hire a child abuse attorney to represent you in your civil lawsuit.

Child Abuse Lawsuit

Child abuse is the illegal behavior that causes great physical and psychological damage to children. But since no one will be held accountable for their actions if not for society, the only way victims can receive compensation is through civil lawsuits for their injuries. Criminal law punishes the individuals who are guilty of child abuse but it doesn’t give any type of monetary compensation to help cover these damages.

For this to occur, civil law allows only the filing of personal injury lawsuits in order to obtain this monetary compensation for physical and mental pain and suffering suffered by the victim. But victims don’t have to worry about this type of harassment and they can pursue a lawsuit in order to seek justice and recompense for their suffering.

The best thing to do in order for victims to achieve this goal is to hire a personal injury attorney to assist them.

An attorney who specializes in these types of cases will have the knowledge and training required to win these lawsuits successfully. A good attorney will also be able to provide emotional support and guidance to victims.

He/she will also be able to provide their client’s with professional legal advice in order for their lawsuit to be successful. In some cases, victims may not be aware of the exact nature of their injuries and this is where an attorney who has specialized in these cases can be useful.

Child abuse cases that result to physical injuries or psychological trauma must be properly presented in court in order for the victim to receive their due compensation.

Attorneys who are skilled in handling these types of cases have all the necessary tools, information, and communication skills needed to put the victims at an equal level during the court proceedings. They should also be able to handle the whole case with patience and have a keen sense of fairness and logic. A child abuse lawsuit that is successful requires that the attorney gather enough evidence to prove the negligence of the defendant.

Unfortunately, not every attorney is capable of handling child sexual assault and abuse cases.

Attorneys who are highly publicized on TV have more time and means of preparing their defense and obtaining expert witnesses to testify in court. Due to the complexity of such cases, most victims choose to move forward with minimal results. Unfortunately, these cases go unreported because most victims feel reluctant to press charges against their perpetrator. This is the reason why most Pennsylvania grand jury reports come out with very few cases.

Most victims of child abuse and sexual assault are hesitant to file a civil lawsuit.

However, they need to take a stand. In other words, they need to press charges so that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. Victims should be given justice by pressing charges even if it means waiting years for the statute of limitations to kick in. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania may only apply to cases filed within two years of the date of the incident.

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