A Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Metlife Insurance

The Metlife Case Study is a legal investigation conducted by a New Jersey attorney. The case was brought forth by the parents of a child who suffered a fatal brain injury from the sport of horseback riding. The accident was ruled in favor of the defendant, but not before being subjected to a rigorous investigation by the Metlife Legal Team.

What emerges is that this particular lawyer’s team went out of their way to make sure that they had prepared the defense in the best light possible. This led to conflicts within the firm resulting in the resignation of one of the members. When you read through the case study, it becomes clear that the entire process was planned with the best of intentions.

Metlife Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of a deceased child who died as the result of a car crash. The incident occurred while the child (ages 7 & 12) was riding with another individual in a vehicle. They were playing a game of touch football when the accident occurred.

A tractor trailer driven by a former employee of Metlife Insurance was at the time the scene of the accident. A claim was later filed against the tractor trailer operator seeking to hold the company responsible for allowing the accident to occur.

The facts presented in the case study paint a vivid picture of the type of negligence that may have occurred.

The accident was ruled in favor of the defendant and the insurance carrier of Metlife, but an appeal was eventually filed by the attorney general of New Jersey. The appeal essentially rested on two main points: first, the accident was unexpected and secondly, that there was negligence on the part of the operator of the tractor trailer. The attorney general’s argument centered on two main points: first, that the insurance policy at issue did not adequately cover the risks undertaken; and second, that the danger was not one that could be foreseen.

The case was submitted to the court on the basis of an expert scientific opinion that resulted from a review of the medical records of the accident.

The attorney general argued that there was a reasonable likelihood that the accident would have occurred despite the fact that the tractor trailer was not equipped with safety equipment. This litigation is currently pending before the courts. If the case had been lost, it is likely that Metlife would have paid costs to the injured party and the victim would not have received the settlement he or she ultimately received.

There are several things that the case study does that contribute to the success of this lawsuit.

First, it establishes that there was negligence on the part of the insurer as reflected in the premiums paid. Secondly, it shows that the victim suffered a substantial injury because of this negligence. Thirdly, it demonstrates that Metlife was aware of deficiencies in its safety equipment and did nothing to correct them. Finally, the case demonstrates that the insurance carrier failed to maintain an adequate record of risk in its policy and did not make any efforts to rectify this deficiency.

Although the case was initially brought against Metlife, the company eventually settled the matter out of court.

The case study successfully argues for a judgment against Metlife because of the special damages it suffered as a result of Metlife’s negligence. This lawsuit is likely to become another example of the insurance industry discriminating against small business owners when it comes to purchasing auto coverage. If you have been injured because of this refusal to extend insurance to your company, you might want to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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