A Class Action Lawsuit Against LG Homes

The LGI Homes homeowners’ class action lawsuit relates to an alleged breach of the warranty on the manufactured home. The complaint refers to the “improper installation and false advertising” as the basis for the suit. On a day to day basis, LGI Homes would surely be pleased to have you as one of their customers. However, if you ever come across an ad from LGI Homes, you would likely wonder what led to your loss. LGI Homes takes full responsibility for any injuries or damages caused due to their product and installation. In this article, we shall discuss further about the LGI Homes class action lawsuit.

LGI Homes Class Action Lawsuit

According to the LGI Homes website, the company is the leading home builder in Australia. They boast of having an excellent track record. LGI Homes are located in North Queensland, Australia. The LGI Homes website states that they are willing to help their customers with whatever requirements they may have. This is in contrast to the construction industry, where they claim that their contractors are liable for any wrong done by them.

You may be interested to know that LGI Homes has also signed up with legal companies in the United States to help them fight cases related to home building and home selling.

The Class Action lawsuit against LGI Homes is a class-action lawsuit. In this case, there are many members who are asking for damages. The cost of the damage claimed will depend on the negligence of LGH.

It is important to point out that LG Homes is not the only builder in Australia who has signed up with legal companies.

It is a fact that a lot of builders have done so. All this means that the members of this class-action lawsuit are not unique. In fact, if you do have similar complaints, it is important to point it out to the appropriate authorities.

What should you do next? LGI Homes and other builders have been in this situation before.

They have faced several complaints regarding workmanship, quality control and more. For this reason, they were required to perform an independent investigation into the matter. And after an extensive investigation, the results were published.

If your case is decided in this way, the next step is to file your lawsuit against LGH. At this stage, it is important to point out that you are not the only one filing for a lawsuit against LG Homes. There are as many as 40,000 homeowners who are part of this lawsuit. If you too want to join the bandwagon, all you have to do is contact a good legal attorney.

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